A Day at the Zoo

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A Day at the Zoo
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With two kids and a baby, my husband and I began our journey through the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium looking at tigers, elephants, and giraffes. Before passing through the elephant exhibit, we all realized how incredibly hot it was outside. As we exited the exhibit, we were delighted to spot the brand new Jambo Grill. When we went inside, we immediately noticed how revived we felt due to the WONDERFUL air conditioning. As I washed off my hands, kids hands, and baby bottles I was again thankful for the running water and restrooms! I also found myself quite parched and hungry by this point and was able to enjoy a wonderful lunch with my family.

At times, we can all take for granted the function of a building and its core components. It is only when they are not working do we notice them. I wanted to take some time and comment on how wonderfully nice this building is inside and out!

Thank you Indovina and Loftus for an aesthetically and environmentally pleasing break to our hot day.

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