Project Details
Client Duquesne University & DLA+ Architecture & Interior Design
Location Pittsburgh, PA
Size  113,000 sq. ft.
Cost  ~$6 million
Services  HVAC, Plumbing, Fire Protection, Electrical, Power, Lighting, Data / Telecom, Energy

OVERVIEW. Duquesne University acquired this building with the intention of occupying the building for mixed-use educational purposes. The building will house classrooms, offices, computer labs, and required support space.

Loftus  began by providing recommendations and options to enhance the life safety conditions including: exiting, fire detection and control, compartmentalization, fire sprinklers, and ADA accessibility. Since this onset Loftus has provided design for Phase 1, Phase 2,  and Phase 3 of the Life Safety Upgrades as well as design for the renovations of floors 2-8.

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