FedEx Cropped

Project Details
Client FedEx
Location Moon Township, PA
Size  506,000 sq. ft.
Cost  ~$500-750,000
Services  HVAC, Plumbing, Fire Protection, Electrical, Power, Lighting, Energy / Data, Telecom, Security

OVERVIEW. Loftus Engineers, LLC is currently providing Professional Engineering Services to upgrade the existing Siemens fire alarm system as required and add new system panels with power supplies and amplifier to allow for  mass notification paging throughout the facility and eventual migration of all other fire alarm system functions to the new panels.

Several alternatives were discussed over a year but it became apparent that the most beneficial approach to provide the functionality desired was to migrate the existing fire alarm system by adding paging system amplifiers (panels) to the head-end equipment, and installation of speakers throughout the building. It also became clear through the review of NFPA adopted and pending codes, that once a voice messaging system is installed as part of an emergency communication, mass notification system, visual signaling must be provided to meet ADA code considerations. This will be handled by integrating strobe devices into the system capabilities. Therefore, new speakers and combination speaker/strobes will be installed back to the new systems panels.

The existing fire alarm panels will remain in place and active. They will function as the connection point for all the initiating devices, including fire alarm manual pull stations, smoke detectors, duct detectors, and magnetic hold open devices, etc.



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