• Founders Hall-small (2)
  • Founders Hall-small
Project Details
Client JC Pierce, LLC
Location McKeesport, PA
Size  47,000 sf
Cost  $11.75 million
Services  HVAC, Plumbing, Fire Protection, Electrical, Power, Lighting, Data / Telecom, Security, Energy, Structural
LEED  In Pursuit

OVERVIEW. Founders Hall expanded their building with two new additions, one dedicated for the 6th Grade Academy and the other for two new locker rooms.

The 6th Grade Academy addition can accommodate 300-350 students and includes classrooms, large group instructional spaces, and specialty classrooms. The Locker Room additions will be added to the existing Varsity Gymnasium and will be comprised of a home team and visiting team locker room, training, and support facilities.

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