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Project Details
Client JC Pierce, LLC
Location McKeesport, PA
Size  128,000 sq. ft.
Cost  $29,435,176
Services  HVAC, Plumbing, Fire Protection, Electrical, Power, Lighting, Energy / Data, Telecom, Security, Structural

OVERVIEW. Construction of a new primary / intermediate school in McKeesport, Pennsylvania. The mechanical systems for the building are located on the first floor of the school and are visible through large windows so the children are able to begin recognizing how and what keeps them warm in the winter (Geothermal Heating), and cool in the summer.

The electrical room will also have a window for students to view its systems. A visual description will educate the children on how the electrical power is distributed throughout the building. This will also be the home of the windmill components.

The water harvesting room will be visible as well. This will educate the children by explaining to them that rainwater is collected and reused to flush each classrooms toilets.




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