Cathedral of Learning Pittsburgh

OVERVIEW.  The Cathedral of Learning is a 40 story structure located on the Oakland Campus of the University of Pittsburgh.

18th Floor HVAC Upgrades.The Cathedral’s new building system design included demolition of the split system air handling units, condensing units and all ductwork, installation of two new variable-air volume chilled water cooling air handling units with steam preheat coil and economizer, new outdoor air louver and reuse of existing steam radiators. Loftus also replaced the control valves on the steam radiators and all equipment was tied into the existing building control system. Variable air volume terminals and a new air distribution system provide supply airflow to the spaces. (9,200 sq. ft. $25,000 construction cost) Cost-$28.6 million

Replacement of Radiator Controls.  Loftus provided HVAC, plumbing, electrical wiring, and control design / engineering services to convert the steam radiator heating system from radiator mounted controls to ATC for floors 20 (partial), 19 (partial), 17 (partial), 16, 15, 14, 12 (partial), 11, and 10. The scope included: Identifying steam radiators and providing new control valves/actuators to be connected and controlled by the Automated Logic system; working with Automated Logic to design and develop a working system integrated to the existing BAS (Automated Logic) system in the building; providing thermostat locations; on the construction documents, identifying asbestos in materials that require cutting and patching; providing patching and painting as necessary to accommodate the mechanical upgrades; replacing ceilings as necessary to accommodate the mechanical upgrades; and identifying existing ATC and integrating as necessary.

Computer Lab.  Loftus provided HVAC, fire protection, normal and emergency power, lighting, and data/telecom systems for the renovation of room G25, on the ground level of the Cathedral of Learning, for conversion into a computer lab.

5th & 6th Floor English Department.  Loftus provided HVAC, plumbing, fire protection, and electrical design including ARC flash studies for new panels for the renovations to the 5th and 6th floors of the English Department located in the Cathedral of Learning. Three wings on each, the fifth and sixth floor, are mostly used by the English department for graduate student offices. These wings originally were perimeter heating only, with no air conditioning. Chilled water fan coil units were installed above offices to provide cooling to each wing. DDC controls were added to perimeter heat to provide more control of each zone during the heating season. Lighting and lighting controls were upgraded, power and data were provided as needed and fire protection was brought up to date along with paint and finishes. Aesthetic care was taken within theses spaces to assure lighting matched the existing look of the space. Construction cost-$2 million. 15260 sq. ft. approximately.

Philosophy of Science.  Loftus is providing professional design services for the HVAC, plumbing, fire protection, normal and emergency power, lighting, and data/telecom systems including minor structural components required to support MEP systems for the Philosophy of Science renovations. The Philosophy of Science is located on the eighth floor and consists of offices and conference rooms.

Elevator Modernization.  Loftus provided mechanical, electrical, and structural services for this design-build project. (DGS 1103-65 Phase 3)

Cathedral of Learning 4th & 15th Floor Renovations. Renovations include new lighting, air conditioning, extending the sprinkler system in some areas, ADA upgrades, and new toilet rooms.

Cathedral of Learning 9th Floor Renovations. Project includes renovations for approximately 8,000 sf. Portions of the north, east, and south wings of the floor require modifications to the existing layout in order to accommodate additional personnel and address storage, toilet and kitchen areas. All three offices are occupied by the Office of the Provost.

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