Twin Rivers Interior - Elec

The building systems that most impact the user on a daily basis are the electrical systems. Electrical systems are a necessary part of any building and include normal power, emergency power, lighting, fire alarm, security, data, telephone, cable, and video wiring. The increasing dependence on general technology, computers and data devices necessitate the need for special care both in design and in grounding to avoid wiring issues and harmonic distortion. Lighting is a vital element in achieving the desired indoor environment. Our projects consider all aspects of the design and incorporate all elements and practices that enhance indoor environmental quality and reduce resource consumption. Loftus engineers work with the users and architects to design effective lighting schemes while maximizing energy efficiency. Our Electrical Engineers are proficient in the use of design tools including Power Distribution Modeling, Arc Flash, AGI and Visual Lighting Modeling, Building Information Modeling (BIM), and conventional CAD.

  • Emergency Power Distribution Systems
  • Harmonic and Electromagnet Filtering and Shielding Systems
  • Fire Alarm and  Security Systems
  • Specialized Lighting for Architectural and Decorative Effects
  • Clean Power, Special Grounding Systems
  • Telecommunications and Data Distribution Systems
  • Non-Interruptible Power Systems
  • Closed Circuit and Master Antenna TV Systems
  • Power Conditioning
  • RF and Data Collection Systems
  • Lightning Protection

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